Bluestone Equity Partners harnesses a unique combination of blue-chip investing and operating experience, coupled with deep industry ties, to forge highly-strategic capital partnerships with established Sports, Media & Entertainment businesses and properties seeking growth and scale on a global basis.

About Us

We are partners who seek, and deliver, sustained and durable value in all our relationships.

Bluestone aligns with exceptional management teams and rights holders leading high-growth, proven Sports, Media & Entertainment businesses.

Blue-Chip Experience

We have held positions as deal-makers, senior executives, and board members at industry-leading companies and organizations. Our edge is a proprietary blend of business and investment experience, yielding exceptional insights and expertise.

Deep Industry Ties

On a bedrock of integrity and respect, we have built a deep network of trusted industry relationships, extending to the very top leaders and decision-makers across the major leagues, teams, companies, agencies, and federations that comprise the Sports, Media & Entertainment industry.

Global Perspective

While firmly-rooted in the United States, our experience, expertise, and relationships extend globally, providing us a unique ability to invest and operate in a range of businesses, looking to grow and scale in many directions.


Our platform brings a varied and diverse perspective, along with industry expertise honed over decades building, operating, and advising businesses in Sports, Media & Entertainment – including at the cutting edge of the technologies and disruptive forces shaping the future.

Strategy & Focus

Compelling Asset Class

SME offers limited correlation with equity markets and a proven track-record of growth and resilience through turbulent macroeconomic cycles, for over a generation.


Bluestone is focused on partnering with established businesses to accelerate growth and scale by implementing expert strategies and enhanced operations, and expanding markets.

Flexible & Differentiated

We are committed to tailoring deal structures to individual companies across asset and transaction types (minority or control), creating liquidity and minimizing downside risk.

Long-Term Partnership

We align with founders, management teams, and shareholders who can realize outsized returns from our value-added capital – strategic guidance, operational expertise, and access to our expansive global network.

Sports Leagues & Teams

Professional and amateur sports organizations and rights holders

Media & Entertainment

High-engagement content, live events, and other forms of direct-to-consumer entertainment


Outsourced operations and mission critical support for customers throughout the SME landscape


Software, products, and infrastructure driving innovation across Sports, Media & Entertainment


Bluestone News and Media